Phygital Games 3

Phygital Games is a series of competitions of a new format meant to showcase a new approach to sport.


  • Venue:

    Kazan, IT Park and Expo

  • Dates:

    February 5 - 11, 2023

  • Disciplines:

    Speedrun, MLBB, Dota 2, Warface + Laser tag, CS:GO + Laser tag

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Video broadcasts

Phygital hockey
Phygital Hockey. Semi-finals
Phygital Hockey. 3rd place match and final



1 place – Cheaters
2nd place – King of Milfs
3rd place – Tesla Squad


1 place – Rose Noire
2nd place – Freak Five
3rd place – Team Max

Dota 2

1 place – One Move
2nd place – Keyd Stars
3rd place – Matreshka


1 place – Winstrike
2nd place – Repulse
3rd place – Awinaw


1 place – HOTU
2nd place – Websterz
3rd place – 9 Pandas

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Event News

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