The die is cast: the Ed Sklyar’s team will take on Tamo Junto

The first Phygital Games kick off on September 21 at Kazan Expo. The draw determined the opponents in the opening matches in each of the disciplines.

Phygital football

Phygital Football

The tournament in phygital-football will kick off with the clash Lokomotiv team of Robert Ufenok77 Fahretdinov vs New Russian from Ekaterinburg. The red&green will line up footballers from the media league and experts in interactive football: Alexander STIL Stepanov, Vladislav SLON Oslonovsky, Daniil ABELDOS Abeldiaev, Vladislav Gavi Gavilovsky and Artem KHAL Khalilov.

Coming up next in the second semifinal is the battle between the Russian and the Brazilian media leagues. The team Fake Football led by Ed Sklyar will vie for a spot in the finals with the flamboyant Brazilians from Tamo Junto.

According to the rules of the competition the contestants must prove their mettle both in interactive football playing on a game console and then on a real football pitch. Quite a serious test. You can follow the event watching the broadcast on VK Play.


Liga Pro (St. Petersburg) will take on Let’s Go team (Moscow) on the basketball court (first virtual and then a real one) while the basketball club “Minsk” will square off with Take Shot (Moscow).

The winner of the match will be determined based on the aggregate sum of points scored on both stages of the match. And there will be players worth watching. For example, the lineup of the basketball club Minsk includes professional 3×3 basketballers while the team from St. Petersburg got together top players who excel at NBA2K game.

So it will be interesting to see which skills prove more valuable – physical or digital.

Beat Saber

Spectators are waiting with baited breath for the competition in the Beat Saber discipline. While everyone already got used to football and basketball, even though they are interested in phygital format, then many people are yet to discover “virtual fencing” and the lucky ones will get to see it live. The pairs of semifinalists based on the draw results look as follows:

Valeria RealFlair Ampolskaya vs Daniil Dantez Ivchenko

Roman pwpain Konev vs Dmitry L0ncos Berg

In the rhythmic VR-game players compete in the double-elimination bracket that is the losers are not eliminated based on the results of the first round but rather get a chance to bounce back. The representatives of the “cubic community” aka Beat Saber players warn that the show is not only about captivating but also riveting. You can check it out when watching the broadcast on VK Play on the second day of the competition.

Drone racing

Drone racing will take place on September 23, at night the arena built for phygital-football and basketball will be remodeled to become a track drone pilots are accustomed to – with its insidious obstacles and steep turns. The tournament will feature eight teams consisting of two members each.

Drone Sports Global (Moscow)
DRT-52 (Nizhny Novgorod)
Drone Racing Division (Krasnoyarsk)
APX Drone Team (Turkey)

Team Reactor (Ekaterinburg)
BalkansOP (Bulgaria)
Quadro.Team (Moscow)
Overpass Racing (Moscow)

This technical discipline reminds of Formula-1 in the air, therefore it is interesting not only to watch how nimble flying machines perform turns, but also to take a look at what is going in the pit stop zone. For it’s a real workshop where drones are reassembled and repaired. Drone racing crews compete in a 100-lap race. To find out whether it’s a marathon or a sprint, watch the broadcast on the final day of Phygital Games.