Ufenok77: “The concept phygital is the esports of the future”

The Russian esportsman Robert «Ufenok77» Fakhretdinov who is defending the colors of “Loko eSports” team gave his evaluation of the format phygital sport, the initiative to launch this movement in Russia and create regional federations.

– A contest aimed at developing phygital sport is being held in the regions, the All-Russian Federation of Phygital Sport is being established (from. phygital, physical+digital). Phygital unites classical sports and esports. Do you think it useful to create such a federation? And if it is, how useful is it?

– This autumn Kazan will host the first phygital-tournament (in the format of Games of the Future), and then next year, as far as I know, Kazan will host two-three more tournaments. But maybe there will also be some low-key local events, too. These tournaments are useful because we need to shape up our team for the year 2024 when the inaugural Games of the Future are to be held.

I am confident that, for instance, in the Republic of Bashkiriya Azamat Muratov who works on behalf of the Federation of esports will surely participate in the process. And he will form his team in the near future. The faster all other regions join in, the more interesting the tournaments will be. We need teams, we need competition. The more we have teams, the better, quite naturally.

– Do you think this phygital event can help promote a healthy lifestyle? To encourage the kids to take up sports more actively?

– For sure! The concept “phygital” is precisely the esports of the future.

If you wanna win, you gotta be at the top, you should not forget about physical activities. Besides, people tend to be less skeptical about phygital-disciplines as opposed to traditional esports. People will see that after watching FIFA matches the kids take to the pitch right away to play football themselves, and they will say: “Heck, way to go, guys! Meaning – they can do more than just sit in front of a game console. It means they don’t forget about real football”.