St. Petersburg International Economic Forum: 5 major results of the Games of the Future

Kazan - the capital of the Future Games 2024

The capital of Tatarstan is to host the inaugural technological Games of the Future in February 2024. The athletes will be vying in 16 hybrid disciplines throughout the 9 days of the competition.

5 cities were bidding for the right to hold the tournament: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Kaluga and the federal territory Sirius. The deputy chairman of the Russian government Dmitry Nikolaevich Chernyshenko  pronounced the name of the winner at a solemn ceremony with a blue-eyes smiling robot lending a helping hand as the robot brought the envelope with the results of the bidding campaign.

”A bit more than one year and a half are left before the opening of the Games. We’ve got to do what no one has ever done before. This is a challenge, for sure. I am confident that Kazan will meet this challenge to set new standards in holding spectacular sports events”, – the vice-premier noted

Up next Kaliningrad? Or maybe Kaluga?

Notwithstanding the fact there is only one host-city to hold the Games of the Future, the project begins to attract the attention of like-minded people. For instance, Andrey Tolmachiov, CEO of the «Corporation of the development of Kaliningrad region» during the business session dedicated to the eSports and the development of the gaming industry gave his appraisal to the perspective of the project saying that Kaliningrad is interested in such event:

”I really like the idea of mixing up the virtual cyber thing with the real. It’s really cool! I can tell you as a user that I will gladly participate and I will tell everyone about this project. Tomorrow I will hear the announcement of the city-host, if it’s not Kaliningrad I will be upset, but then Kaliningrad will submit his bid for the year 2026 or 2028 to make sure we host this event. Why? We have lots of sites, we hosted quite a few championships, we were preparing for the volleyball event, we also hosted matches of the football Word Cup 2018. The territory is ready and so is our team”.

The swimmer Sergey Fesikov, bronze medalist of the Olympics-2012 in the 4×100 freestyle relay, gold medalist of FINA World Swimming Championships 2014 (25 m), lends his support to the bid of Kaluga city in the bidding race: :

”It would be great if Kaluga hosts such major international event as the Games of the Future for, we also have something to show to the athletes and the guests of the region. Of course, I am wondering what specific disciplines will be proposed by the organizers to take into account classic sports and digital technologies. I like sports-related computer games myself. It is nice to see that the kids are offered an opportunity to fully develop both in real and virtual life! That’s just the future of all areas of our multifaceted life, including the elite sport”

Anastasia Mironova, Nikita Mazepin and senior project manager of the Games of the Future Igor Stoliarov discussed such topics as sports and business

The experts from the word of sports and business got together at the session of the publishing house Kommersant. Formula-1 pilot Nikita Mazepin, Anastasia Mironova, founder of the online-fitness –school and creator of the application for training “My Mission” familiarized themselves with the concept of phygital and with the project Games of the Future presented by its head Igor Stoliarov.

”It seems to be that spreading eSports to the masses is great, of course, because we should not be trailing the other countries in the world arena but rather develop the cyber area. Maybe we should create some alternative meta-universe, which is so popular in America now. At the same time it is important to keep in mind that there is also a real world with its real problems. I think eSports give an opportunity to the people from the heartland, for example, to start their career, to begin earning money and somehow realize themselves in a real world”, – says Anastasia upon hearing the story of the project.

VK and Atomyze Russia will help the Games of the Future

As many as two partnerships were signed at St. Petersburg Economic Forum. The company VK will support the Games of the Future sharing its expertise in the development of the technological platform for the eSports part of the tournament. While Atomyze will help to tokenize the universe Games of the Future, to create digital financial assets (DFA) and provide user-friendly and transparent access to the entertaining and competitive part of the program.

Says CEO of Atomyze Russia Ekaterina Frolovicheva: ”The Games of the Future appeal to us because they offer not only entertaining but also an educational element which, in turn, is important to bring to the masses the idea of digital financial tools as an essential element of the digital economics of the future. Thanks to examining easy-to-grasp examples the Games participants will be able to gain experience in using DFA, therefore we are optimistic about our cooperation and believe that together we can implement tons of digital solutions which at the end of the day will be beneficial for the society at large”.

Games of the new world: the prospects of gaming industry

This time around the business program of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) included several discussions dedicated to the gaming industry. Participants namely discussed the topic of game development and the setting out of principles of the competition on the initial stage: ”I would like to see a competitive mechanism to be integrated in some games (not all of them) at the stage of creation. It is not only an interesting tool of promotion and marketing, but it is also something that human nature needs. If we talk about games namely in terms of promoting Russian culture, we must make sure their content makes you want to consume this content. The competitive base is just one of such tools”, – says with confidence Dmitry Smith, president of the Russian Esports Federation.     

Igor Stolyarov presented the phygital format of the Games of the Future which echoed the theme of the session about the games of new times. ”The synergy of sport, show-business and technologies gives birth to the market which we just want to enter. Thanks to such combination we obtain the interflow between different audiences. Of course, we realize that eSports will pull upward this market as the most actively growing one from the economic standpoint. We also want to set up some sort of demo-site for the disciplines which our domestic gamedevs (game developers) will get. We will work on that along with VK company. I am sure that this cooperation will bring unique users who will contribute to the promotion of domestic gamedev”.