Phygital Games come back in November!

You waited, you asked, so now its official — Phygital Games come back to Kazan this November. Games of the Future offers a special round-up about the three new disciplines and the dozens of participants from different countries which will offer the fans unforgettable show and emotions. Here is a more detailed Games of the Future article.

Time and venue

These Phygital Games just like the previous ones are to be held in the beautiful Kazan. With one caveat – this time around the tournaments will not be held at Kazan Expo but rather will be spread around at three different arenas. Look further for more details.

As far as the dates of the event are concerned, the format of Phygital Games has undergone some changes. Rather than holding the whole event in just several very busy days, this time around we will hold each competition separately. The main plus is that the Phygital Games will last as long as two weeks!

Stronger, faster… colder?

Now let’s talk about the main thing – the disciplines. This time around we will hold tournaments in three sports disciplines: phygital racing (Assetto Corsa + karting), phygital fighting (Mortal Kombat + MMA) and phygital hockey (NHL 22 + hockey 3х3).

Date: November 24

Venue: trade center «KazanMall»

Date: November 26

Venue: martial arts palace “Ak Bars”

Dates: December 9-10

Venue: ice palace “Tatneft-Arena”

A reminder: the series of tournament Phygital Games is held as preparatory events in the run-up to the highlight of the tear 2024 – Games of the Future. In September 2022 we held four inaugural events (phygital-football, phygital-basketball, Beat Saber and drone racing) which causes an avalanche of spectators’ emotions.

Battling for Phygital Games tickets

Tickets for phygital fighting already on sale. The wrestlers will prove themselves both in Mortal Kombat 11 and in real octagon.

Real MMA fighters will vie for the main trophy at the tournament and will also check for strength the phygital format at a tournament which will kick-off on November 26 at the Martial Arts Palace “Ak Bars”. First, the athletes will play the game Mortal Kombat on a console and then will determine the strongest wrestler in a real bout. The points from the digital and physical parts are summed to compute the aggregate score.

We wonder how professional wrestlers will do in a new format. Интересно посмотреть, как справятся профессиональные бойцы с новым для себя will turn into additional points. You can cast your vote in three nominations: “best knock-out”, “best fighters” “for creativity”.

So who took up the challenge of Phygital Games and will compete in Kazan?

Roman Avdal, champion of the Southern federal district in kick-boxing, Shamidh Magomedov, master of sport in grappling, Artem Lebedev, champion of Belarus in pankration and grappling, Alibek Kuzhbaev, champion of Kazakhstan in jekpe jek. Tatarstan will be represented at the competition by Fedor Alexeev. The full list of participants will be known later and the tickets for the show of new format are already on sale.