Phygital Games: 2Drots players and Tamo Junto are off to Kazan

2Drots players can square off with each other, Brazilians of the football media league will arrive in Kazan, virtual fencers are ready to slash cubes at EXPO center while drone pilots will undergo a test of strength.

Here is a story about Phygital Games which will go on the air on September 21-23 via stream from Kazan. Tournaments in four disciplines will be held. Getcha popcorn ready.

Phygital football

Phygital Football
The new format will unite interactive football and futsal. Put simply: first, the participants will play the FIFA videogame, and then they will step out on a real football pitch. The rules are simple: the aggregate result is based on goals scored in both events. Who dared to check one’s skills in such format? Of course, those who feel confident both in the virtual and real universe.

The FIFA gamers and the media league players who made a splash in the world of football: Robert UFENOK77 Fakhretdinov, Anton KLENOFF Klenov, Alexander STIL Stepanov, Vladislav SLON Oslonovsky, Daniil ABELDOS Abeldiaev, Artem KHAL Khalilov, Vadim Tsay, Adams Ed Sklyar, Andrey Belka Belov, Bogdan bogdan_93 Timoshenko, Karen k1ngkaren13 Arutiunian.

By the way, they are included in the lineup of different teams — Lokomotiv and Fake Football, so following the results of the draw they may clash head on. Russia will send quite a representative team to Kazan, but not only – Brazilians will also come. These guys will show the level of the media league from Latin America as they are all true stars back home. Tamo Junto, remember them, friends! The fourth team called “New Russians” is a dark horse of the phygital tournament with a solid background in football and mini-football, so the battle will be tight, a real thriller!

September 21
12:50-15:40 – phygital-football – two semifinal matches

September 22
13:15-16:00 – phygital-football – match for the 3rd place+Finals


The components of basketball in phygital format are summed-up according to a similar scheme: the game NBA2K plus 3×3 basketball. The credentials of the teams who entered the competition are also up to par. For example, the lineup of LIGA PRO from St. Petersburg will include the reigning European champion (FIBA esports) in NBA2K Current Gen Nikita Savchenkov and the bronze medalist of the Russian championship in interactive basketball Daniil Maximenko. They will be up against the guys from Let’s Go team who already got the hang of phygital basketball when participating in the students games. They have under their belt many years in a basketball sports school and a performance for the Russian junior and youth national teams. The team Take Shot boasts experts in both virtual and real basketball. The players from the basketball club “Minsk” (Belarus) close the list of four participants.

September 21
16:20-18:40 – phygital-basketball – two semifinals

September 22
10:45-13:00 – phygital-basketball – match for the 3rd place+Finals

Drone racing

Drone racing is like Formula 1 in the air. Eight duos compete in a 100 laps race track at speed. Drone pilots control their flying machines using a special remote control and FPV-goggles. Drone pilots have just finished their season, so the creme de la crème will go to Kazan. Drone pilots from Russia, Bulgaria and Turkey will be vying for victory.

September 23
12:15-15:10 – drone racing

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where a player must slash flying cubes with virtual swords of corresponding colors to the beat of music. Participants pass rounds on the Expert+ level, in short, it is very fast and not so easy as it may seem. “The Cubic community”, as Beat Saber players call themselves, for now exists on the level of amateur competitions, but federations of Beat Saber are being created worldwide and even world championships are held. Let’s keep an eye on the Russian virtual fencers at the Phygital Games.

September 22
16:15-20:30 – Beat Saber