Kazan to host Games of the Future 2024

The Games of the Future are an international tournament in 16 hybrid disciplines to be held in 2024. Each discipline combines the concept of “phygital” (physical+digital), i.e. unites classic sport and eSports or VR-/AR-technology and thus checks-out the fitness of the athletes and digital skills.

The city-organizer was announced at a solemn ceremony held at the booth of the Russian Ministry of Sports. It was attended by the deputy chairman of the Russian government Dmitry Chernyshenko, Russia’s Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin, the head of the head of the Games of the Future Igor Stoliarov and the representatives of the regions-bidders.

The bidding campaign was kicked-off in November 2021, more than 40 regions got interested in the project, 29 regions submitted their detailed bids, of these five reached the finals. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Kaluga and the federal territory Sirius were vying for the right to host the games. During the bidding campaign the organizers evaluated according to 200 criteria more than 50 sites of sports and hotel infrastructure, including 26 competitive arenas.

”I congratulate Tatarstan on receiving the honorary right to host the first ever Games of the Future. It is a well-deserved victory – the city has long established itself as a center of one of the country’s strongest sports regions whose clubs are vying for the top places both nationally and internationally. A bit more than one year and a half are left before the opening of the Games. We’ve got to do what no one has ever done before. This is a challenge, for sure. I am confident that Kazan will meet this challenge to set new standards in holding spectacular sports events”, – Dmitry Chernyshenko noted.

”We anticipate a 9-day long competition in 16 most technological sports disciplines. Most importantly, these competitions make it possible for a human personality to develop in harmony, the participants must not only have world-level skills in eSports but also be on top of their physical shape. Such sport event will be held for the first time. Just like at some point Pierre de Coubertin united all existing sports disciplines in the Olympic Games, today a new absolutely unique format of competition will be born before our eyes”, — the vice-premier added.

”Over the last 15 years we held a lot of major large-scale sports events which were positively assessed by the world sports community. Now Russia acts as an innovator putting forward a brand-new format of sport competitions – the tournament Games of the Future. The holding of this event discovers the technological facet of sports and forms a new generation of champions”, — says Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin.

”The choice of the capital of the Games of the Future is a critical moment both for the organizers and the host city. Today we set a new vector which we will follow to hold a large-scale tournament in a new format at the right level. Today at the ceremony we expressed our gratitude to the participants of the bidding campaign thanking them for their work on the project, because even though there is only one winner, we have a lot of like-minded people in different regions of Russia”, – added the head of the Games of the Future Igor Stoliarov.