Going to school in search of achievements. First school phygital tournament qualifying roundkick-off

Has your school embraced phygital-sport yet? If not, it’s time to make it right. For starters, one can participate in the first school competition in the Games of the Future format.

The final stage of the tournament will be held on October 8-9 at Moscow’s Cyberschool. The teams of top 8 schools will be competing in the phygital format in three disciplines: tactical battle (Valorant + VR airsoft), basketball (NBA 2K22 + basketball 3×3) and Just Dance. That is, young athletes will have to prove their mettle both in their favorite games and on a real sports arena. The rhythmic videogame Just Dance per say is a perfect example of phygital in action as the dance movements are assigned in the digital world but you need to execute them in the real one – and how (!), scoring points for the execution”.
In order to make it to the finals and vie for the prizes one needs to get through the Valorant qualification – respective registration will last till September 9. The top eight schools will be able to put together a combined team which will compete in three phygital-disciplines.

Want to become one of the first phygital athletes in history? Then hurry up not to miss your phygital-break.