Footballers from 2DROTS club and Brazilians from media team Tamo Junto will play in Kazan

Here are three reasons why it’s worth seeing

The inaugural Phygital Games kick-off in Kazan on September 21. The competition program, includes as many as four disciplines, but at least one of them won’t leave you indifferent. Quite obviously, we are talking about phygital-football. What is it? What Brazilians and 2DROTS players have to do with it? And why is it a must-see? Now read on.

What is phygital-football

Competitions in phygital-football just like any other competition in any other sports discipline in phygital format are based on the following essential principle – a combination of digital and physical activities. Hence the actual term phygital — physical (physical activity) + digital (digital activity). In fact, phygital is a competition format at the juncture of classical sport and esports. That sounds a bit convoluted, but in fact it is all too simple: phygital-football is a sport discipline where one needs to play well both real football and virtual football on a game console (FIFA). Sounds interesting, right?
We assume there is no need to initiate anyone to the rules of mini-football, nor do we need to explain the FIFA game rules. In phygital-football matches are played in the simplest possible format — first you need to beat your opponent playing on a game console and then you finalize it giving him the coup de grace on a real football pitch. Congrats, you have just mastered the rules of phygital football!

Your idols already play phygital football!

Phygital is a new sport discipline rapidly developing with very-very quick steps. And when we say “very quick”, we mean it. So quick that the first test Games in Kazan will boast real stars in their own right: 2DROTS players including Ed Sklyar and Alexander Stepanov will square off with famous sport bloggers from Brazil, including Lucaneta and Jonathas de Castro. The kings of modern media football in Russia vs. the representatives of one of the world’s top football powers – what else do you need for the first ever international match in phygital football?

Don’t miss it!

There are plenty of reasons why you must see the matches in Kazan but here is the main one – the games in the capital of Tatarstan will become the first ever official international tournament in phygital disciplines! Just imagine yourself in the role of spectator watching the very first football. Not bad for an achievement, right? Then you really shouldn’t miss the Phygital Games by any means. The games will become some sort of preparation for a much bigger event – The Games of the Future 2024! The competition in phygital football will be held on September 21-23 at Kazan Expo! As the event approaches, we’ll make sure to share with you the right link for the respective broadcast.