Dmitry_Lixxx joins the Phygital Team

Dmitry ‘Dmitry_Lixxx’ Likhanov, a popular gaming and lifestyle streamer, and reviewer of various videogames, has joined the Phygital Team – a community of proactive people feeling comfortable in both physical and digital realities. These are good friends of the Games of the Future project who support the promotion of phygital sports.

Dmitry currently has over 1.2 m followers on Twitch but his interest is not limited to the virtual world only. He is also into real sports, for instance, martial arts.

‘I’m very happy to become part of the Phygital Team. It came as a surprise to me! It’s really cool to join such project,’ said Dmitry.

Dmitry–Lixxx’s initiation into the Phygital Team took place in Kazan in the days of the Phygital Games 4 Ice Racing finals.

Prior to that, the team was joined by an MMA fighter Petr Yan, Olympic champion in Artistic Gymnastics Nikita Nagornyy, motor racer Nikita Mazepin, Olympic champion in Swimming Alexander Popov and Olympic champion in Athletics Yuriy Borzakovskiy, co-founder of Ironstar Vladimir Voloshin, cyberathlete Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov, as well as renowned streamers and bloggers Alexey StolyarovAlexey PchelkinParadevichDmitry Osintsev (recrent), and Anastasia SpaceMita Bolshakova.