Racing — Demi Racing

Dmitry is almost twice as old as his team-mate Grisha who refers to him as “You”. Nevertheless, it is the younger pilot who believes that their duo is distinguished from their opponents by its perseverance, professional preparation and friendly atmosphere in the team.


Dmitry Koffanen Kofanov

Dmitry Koffanen Kofanov

As Dmitry recalls, racing was the first computer game he played back in 1997. That predetermined the course of events. Up until 2007 he was racing and winning random events. Followed 10 years of work preceded by boring studies at the university, so in 2017 Dmitry aka Koffanen returned to karting first and then to simracing. The racer calls himself “a simracer in karting” because he acquired his driving skills at a virtual steering wheel.

His career biggest achievement: winning the the Latvian Karting Open Championship, the Pro-Kart Cup

His strong sides: he thinks a lot and knows where he can improve. Weak sides: his reaction and coasting are not what they used to be.

Goals for next year – win the World finals in karting in Rotax. And also give it a shot in simracing at a high level.

A must-have song in the locker room before the start: Robbie Williams Supreme.

All-time great racers: Marc Marquez, Sebastien Loeb, Ayrton Senna.

Best race in the history of sports: Formula-1 Final 2008

The rule than needs to be changed in motor sport – a revolution in refereeing became ‘de rigueur’.

Phygital format in sport is what has been in the making over the last 15 years.

Grigory GK Kuleshenko

Grigory GK Kuleshenko

Grisha is a Muscovite. He is going to turn 16 next week. He began his racing career in a karting club. One year later he got his seat in a sports kart and after another year of practicing he found his speed and was up to par with his opponents matching their tempo. Now he is a member of NiRacing in class kz-2 at the Russian championships. Grigory is most proud of his race at the European championships 2020.

All-time great racers: Mikhail Mitrokhin, Max Verstappen, Ayrton Senna.

The rule I would add: make sure all racers have the same kart settings.