Phygital tactical combat (Warface + Lasertag)

Tactical combat in phygital format will challenge sportsmen skills in the Warface universe as well as on the laser tag field.

On January 21 the Warface qualifying took place. 4 spots into the main draw on the LAN-tournament were at stake.

And on February 9-10 squads will fight for the main trophy of the Phygital Games and the prize pool. The event will be held in Kazan Expo. On February 11, a laser tag show-match in the format of the Battle Royale will take place between the participants of CS:GO and Warface.


Phygital Games
february 9-11 2023
Kazan Expo



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Rules and regulations

Every match in phygital tactical combat consists of two parts: digital and physical with 15-min break in between. The score of the first part of the game is starting points for laser tag battle.

Digital stage (Warface)

Matches are played in 5×5 format in the ‘Bomb defusal’ regimen up to 11 wins in the rounds on the maps: ‘Bridges’, ‘Object D17’, ‘Suburb’, ‘Pyramid’, ‘Factory’. Captains are choosing a map right before the match. A team gets 1 pt for the victory in the round. The even score is possible after the digital part of the match (ex. 10-10) then the winner will be decided in the laser tag match.

Physical stage (laser tag)

Matches are played in 5×5 format in the regime of ‘setting phygital flame’. There are 10 3-mins rounds in the game. A win in each round brings 2 pts to the squad.

A team that was on the offensive side at the end of the digital stage takes the defensive side at the start of the physical part.


The winner of the match is determined by the sum of points scored in both stages.

In case of a draw, the total number of frags for both stages is taken into account.

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